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Our Mission

Leading edge Technology Research and Development for our Clients allowing them to overtake their competitors.

To develop advanced custom ICs, Circuits, and Systems for Clients in the areas of:

  • Mobil Wireless Communications
  • RF Communications 
  • High Speed Data Communications
  • Advanced Signal Processing
  • VLSI and ASIC
  • Optical Fiber Circuits
  • xDSL Products
  • Base-band A/D D/A
  • GMS, GPS, CDMA, and WCDMA 
  • Multi-media

We are highly committed to quality R&D and product development and transfer the full know-how to our clients by clear and careful documentation of our work.

Company Profile

While Entiv Technology Services were established early 1985, the IC design section started early1990. The section was setup to provide high technology consulting services to clients worldwide in the field of mobile, RF communications and electronics. At a growth rate of almost doubling every year, IC design group has been very successful in completing its projects. These projects have ranged from analog RF communications IC design in the field of mobile telephony to GPS ICs and from mobile handset and cordless phone design to WLL and xDSL solutions.

Design Services

Entiv is a Research and Development Center Specialized in the fields of :

  • High Speed Wireless IC Design
  • Data Communications and Signal Processing
  • Mobil Communications Systems

Strengths and Achievements
  • Proven IC design capability of the most advanced integrated circuits with many innovations.
  • Over ten years of solid growth based purely on R&D in the fields of Mobile telephony, DSL, and Data Communications.
  • Solid record for excellent performance in doing complex designs working simultaneously with 4 teams in 3 continents.
  • Extremely motivated and well trained engineers.
  • Providing excellent documentation of all our work.
  • Working in close partnership with our clients and encouraging customer interaction through-out the entire design process.
  • Having our own manufacturing site with SMD machines and testing facilities.

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